Email campaigns are an excellent way to promote a new product launch, an upcoming movie release, a sweepstakes announcement, or even a warehouse sale.

Many email recipients—especially those who have opted-in to receive your promotions and product information via email—prefer this form of communication and look forward to hearing from your company, provided the information is useful and that you don’t overdo the amount of emails you send.

For example, we work with a children’s educational products company who markets to educators (both in-school and home schoolers) and relevant holidays pertaining to education abound. You can time your email ad deploy date with Black History Month, Martin Luther King Day, Election Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, Back to School, etc.

Teachers often make purchases during summer months when they have a little extra time in their schedule, so a summer savings-themed promotion is an ideal time to share your message with them.

Compelling designs will get your email noticed.

Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Flag Day, etc., also are perfect for relevant holiday promotions and offers. Over the long Christmas holiday season, you can do an eye-catching series of holiday email ads, sending one a day from mid-December until after the New Year. Promote a different product each day, or countdown to an event or new product.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when creating email ads:

Do you want to focus on one product or to promote different products?

The creative for multiple products would look like separate little “ads” that are scrolled through. Each mini-ad can have its own unique link, or the email can be designed as one beautiful “full-page” ad (like a print ad) promoting one message.

Will you need single or multiple links?

You may want to link to your website, social media, a promotional web page, app store, etc. Keep in mind that the more links you include, the more design restrictions there are. Your creative team can design with that in mind, but remember to communicate that upfront.

Are you going to use static images exclusively or add something more engaging?

Email ads offer a lot of room for creativity. They can include animated gifs, short videos, countdown clocks, etc.

Will the creative correspond to your digital advertising?

Creating a pop-up ad or promo ad for your website with the same message and creative as your email ad is a good way to extend the reach of your promotion.

What devices will be used to access your email?

The majority of emails are viewed on smartphones (not on desktop), and users say if the email ad doesn’t look good on their phone, they will delete it before opening it. That’s why it’s essential to design all email marketing to be mobile friendly.

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