What makes a great edutainment trade show booth that stands out from the crowd?

In a word, its design. An impactful, eye-catching design that conveys energy, communicates what your company is all about, and showcases your brand.

The following are five ways to create a high quality, engaging trade show booth that maximizes opportunities for increasing traffic and ensuring visitors remember your company long after the show ends:

1. A TV Monitor Connected to a Laptop.

This will create a draw to your booth rather than to your neighbors. A video of kids having fun using your edutainment product, or your product being used as a teaching tool in a classroom setting, or even footage of your product being manufactured (if available) are all ways to make your space more inviting.

2. Printed Adhesive Floor Graphics and Tablecloths with Compelling Graphics.

You don’t have to stick exclusively to your logo for the graphics—this is an opportunity to be creative! For instance, if your edutainment product teaches a user the basics of flying a plane, you might have a tablecloth with graphics of a cockpit of a real plane. For kids’ products, showing a montage of happy young faces is eye-catching. Anything that adds energy and fun to your space but is still cohesive with your product or service will work.

3. A Compelling Graphic Behind You.

For smaller spaces, use pull-up banners or a pop-up booth. For larger spaces, use connected pop-up booths for whatever size is appropriate for your display space. Another popular option is a stretchy cloth display, which is easy to use because the cloth is light and flexible. You set up a frame, stretch the cloth across the frame, and you’re done. It’s much less bulky than conventional pop-ups, and with the right graphics they look great. Another benefit is that they are small to transport, but when you open them up, they transform into an impressive large display (up to 8 ft. x 20 ft.) to fill your booth.

4. Lenticular Booth “Motion” Panels.

These cutting-edge panels are hard to miss! They can be used to create a 3D image or a progression of up to five images in a single panel that changes as attendees walk by.

5. Life-size Cutouts.

Whether of your characters or product, cutouts are easy to erect and visually striking.

When deciding what type of booth will best suit your needs, take into consideration the size of your budget; whether you are you rolling it in yourself or shipping it ahead of time; and whether you plan to reuse the graphics for upcoming trade shows.

For help with your trade event graphics contact The Lawnsby Group.